A Journey to a better me. Part 1: Physical Improvement

I've been changing my way seriously since the beginning of July. I'm on a journey of self improvement physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have been doing well so far. This card is part 1. I'm just highlighting aome changes I made with my diet to help bust my immune system and gain healthy energy.

I'm by no means a doctor. I'm just sharing what works for me and my routine. You should always consult with your primary doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle.

Please comment if you have tired these products.

Last year I was sick all the time. I had reoccurring events of bronchitis, sinus infections, and respiratory infections. Not to mention I have severe asthma. It was hell for me since it was having a negative impact not only on my health but also work and school. I'm now taking Cod liver oil supplements and vitamin C supplements like clock work. I remember mom giving me doses of Cod liver oil as a child. I thought she was just being mean, but now I know why.

Thanks mom!


These are some charts I use as a guide to help with making a quick filling but healthy breakfast.

I also take these too. They taste great and easy to take. If you love chocolate you might want to try these.

Physical Activity. I was always moving around, but I just increased that. Even little things like parking further away, so you have to walk. Even walking around the building at work during a quick break if you can.


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