Falling in love with him rap mon fan fic

Written by me myself and I please enjoy! Part 1/7 (DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW UNTIL I GIVE YOU THE OKAY TO I WANT TO TRY AND GIVE YOU A VISUAL EFFECT) Deeper info about your character : You refuse to even think about love being hurt so many times you have become numb to feelings. Everyday it's the same thing some guy wants your number saying they are different yet the end up the same.

Running down the hallway knowing that I am very late to my fifth day on the job, I Run behind stage where I run straight into my manager. (Y/N) YOU ARE LATE AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A HABIT OF THIS THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE WHO WANT THE JOB YOU HAVE AND THEY MIGHT EVEN BE MORE DESERVING. I sigh in annoyance at the same speech I got yesterday. (Y/N) Bts is going to go on stage now please prepare the lighting and water for them. As you make your way off of the stage a group of guys catch your eyes "wow (you say under your breath ) they are different than normal idols and attractive too. omg what am I thinking you have work to do (y/n) -I say to myself - "Camera rolling in 3-2-1 ACTION " The cameras role and the interviews start these guys are very playful it makes me sick to know that their real personalities are probably nothing like this, I do find myself staring at them in amazement at how easy going and funny they all are They are asked to sing a song (Please play the video now^) As the music begins something inside of me turns hearing a sweet sound sing in my ear with the beginning of the song sound something that I need to be apart of as time passes by the one with the blonde hair catches my eyes his lyrics make me feel that the song is about me, He turns his head and our eyes meet with his words he smiles and all the walls I have ever built up against mean melt away. I stare at his appearance, how can a man be so perfect. (Y/N) -someone yells- Can you go ahead and make sure that there mics are working correctly as soon as they go on a commercial break and please try and be nice. They are going to be big one day so take care of them. "wait what do you mean take care of them??" In a panic I follow my boss. He gives me the news that my contract has been handed over to the manager of this new group. Why me???

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