Who's His Daddy?? {SPOILERS}

Hello, my fellow Super fans!! Happy almost weekend to you all! It's just me, your resident Lady of Lore (and maybe a little Lust).

King of Hell, Crowley


See, Ms. Thang threw herself an orgy in the woods in honor of the Winter Solstice, got pregnant, and then never kept in touch with ANY of the potential Daddies. No big deal, right? "She's a witch in the 1600's," you're thinking. However, the father to wee baby Fergus was NOT a magic man. That was the offense: The father was not a practitioner of witchcraft and for that reason, she was removed from the Grand Coven. And MAN, can this woman hold a grudge!! She blamed the Coven for hundreds of years, but she also blamed Fergus, abusing him and even trying to sell him off...for 3 pigs...causing him to hate her. Obviously. So when she happened to pop back up in the King's life, he was NOT so happy to see Dear Ole Mommy.

So, if you've been watching and are current to where the show is now, that is where the lore is on our wee Fergus's family. BUT, I happen to have it on good authority that we MIGHT be meeting his fabled Daddy here soon!! SAY WHUUUT?! When Ruth Connell was asked if she could cast Anyone as the father, who would she pick, she jokingly said William Shatner or Michael Fassbender. (RAWR!)

Who would YOU cast to play Crowley's Daddy?

Tell us in the comments!! DISCUSS!


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