Mis abuelas...My grandmothers

This is my Mamaita... dads mom.. she passed January 11,2014... it will be two years since she is gone and I miss her dearly... 1.Where is your abuela from? My Mamaita(which is what we called her) was born and raised in Nicaragua. 2.What is something your abuela always says? she would always scold me for not calling and so when I started calling every Saturday she would tease me and call me hodidita cari pelada (which is like saying you fresh face silly) She would always tell me to be careful and take care of myself. 3.What is your abuela's signature dish (or something she makes the best)? Growing up she always made arroz a la valenciana and arroz con leche. (pic 4-5) - What does your abuela like wearing the most? She loved lavander and purple. In the picture she loves that dress and loves wearing warm sweet pants and sweaters. - What is your funniest abuela memory? I think is was the night I slept over, I painted her nails and then went to get something and cut myself. she was worried but laughed at me and told me I have to be careful. I am so grateful I got to spend that time with her not knowing that was my last chance. she passed away a few weeks later. God always know why everything happens.

This is my abuela Blanca...moms mom...She currently lives in hatillo,puerto rico.. -Where is your abuela from? She was born and raised in aguadilla, puerto rico and raised in las marías,puerto rico. then relocated to Long Island,New York, then moved to Brooklyn,NY for the reminder of her time there before she retired. - What is something your abuela always says? second pictures says it all... she also always tells me to put God first and the rest will be added. I talk to her often. she is like my best freind aside from my mommy... (picture 4) - What is your abuela's signature dish (or something she makes the best)? she makes yummy habichuelas guisadas, panapene con bacalao. (pic 5-7) - What does your abuela like wearing the most? she is fashionista. my mom learned from her to Shop and dress. she loves dresses. - What is your funniest abuela memory? We have had so many.. I went to kiss her in the cheek one day and kisses her in the lips lol.. we just laughed. we have shared eachother clothes and laughed at how they fit. we have went swimming together and got sunburned because we are both pale. (hint thats why her name is blanca which means white in English). she always says oh you dotto bird. Lol I love my abuela.

Well thats all folks... I hope you go ahead and create your own card honoring women that have worked so hard for us and have been such a great example. @alywoah@danidee

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