Every Woman Needs A Pair Of Neutral Heels In Her Life

They say every woman needs a little black dress.

I say, every woman needs at least one pair of neutral heels in her possession. Before I explain why, hear me out. I am in no way, shape or form a woman who loves a pair of heels. My obsession is strictly boots. I could literally wear them every single day of my life. I even considered wearing them on my wedding day, but maybe that's a bit too drastic. Don't get me wrong, heels are definitely a gorgeous addition to any outfit -- that is, if your feet can take the heat.

When it comes to a special occasion I'll throw on a pair of heels and bring a pair of flats for backup because when it comes to fashion, you have to think quick and you have to think smart. Just like a little black dress, a pair of neutral heels can take you from day to night. You can throw them on with something casual or something a little more formal, either way it will work. Let me not forget to add how amazing the neutral trend happens to be -- especially camel tone pieces. So, without further ado -- keep scrolling to see exactly why neutral heels need to make their way into your life stat.

Will you be investing?

Do your closet and yourself a favor.

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