Captain Criminal Minds Chapter: 5/?

When Doctor Reid would get to Krystal's office, a transparent woman who appeared to be Krystal's assistant would be there, cleaning, rearranging and adding to the many books, knick knacks from around the world, and pictures of the woman in question and her son. "Oh, Dr. Reid. I thought you might want to see me. Please, come in. I Apoligize for appearing like this, but I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've been kidnapped. I'm projecting myself from somewhere in the artic. The irony is awful." she explained as her transparent body quickly changed, and she became the woman from the photo that the doctor had so carefully memorized.

It happened as quickly as a whirlwind. She had been home, waiting for Steve when the winter soldier burst into her home, rifle in hand. "Why can't I kill you? You're just another mission!" His russian was flawless and angry as he grabbed her forcefully by his metal arm, holding her up. Krystal let out a tiny breath as she was held up, just watching the man. She could see in his eyes the pain he'd suffured, and her heart went out to him. Her russian was perfect as she replied softly "I don't know." Those three simple words were enough to make the man growl in frustration, throwing her across the room before picking her back up bridal style and running as fast as he could away. Unconciously, the wheels in his mind were turning, and they knew better than he did. He needed her safe, and that meant taking her to a place not even his handlers knew about. His place.

The ride was pretty quick despite the distance, but Krystal had no idea where she was currently. Her only clue was the crunch of icen snow under her heeled boots as the man lead her to a large lodge like cabin. Once inside, he took off her blindfold, talking in perfect russian. "You're safe here. I'm gonna get changed. Make yourself comfortable." It was a complete change from the angry man she'd met what seemed like only minutes before. Krystal sat down on the couch, taking off the heavy coat the man had put on her and let out a soft sigh. "Where in the name of rah am I? Its colder than a witches tit here!" she quipped to herself quietly, turning her head to look around. This man certainly knew how to decorate. It was both homey and modern. While she had no real proof he was Bucky, something about his energy felt like her Bucky's. Could it really be him?

Krystal sat meditating on the couch, boots off and legs crossed in the lotus posistion. "Hello again." she said softly in russian, but not opening her eyes. She was content just to relax there. She could sense that he didn't want to hurt her, even though he'd tried to kill her earlier. She was very percetive. The winter soldier sighed, sitting across from krystal, cold beer in hand. "You can open your eyes. Its not like I'm going to kill you because you know who I am. Someone in this fucked up world must." His words were a flat tone of russian as he spoke, taking another sip of his beer. He would have asked her if she wanted one as well, but something told him that she preferred tea over alcohol. Krystal opened her eyes, letting out a soft sound of surprise as she got up from the couch to get closer to him. "I thought you were dead" That was all she said as she sat next to him, taking him in with curiousity. Krystal let out a breath. "I do know who you are. Your name is James Buchanan Barnes and you are the love of my life."

Meanwhile, Krystal shadow doppleganger was having a conversation with Dr. Reid. "No, I absolutely wouldn't and couldn't kill Nick. He and I have been friends for a very long time." while she knew Spencer couldn't quite trust her, she also knew how smart the man is. Every liar has a tell, but Krystal didn't have that right now. There was no way in any possible realm that she killed Nicholas J. Fury.

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