First Look at New Agent Carter Villain

And she looks GOOD!

You all know I love Agent Carter (my profile pic kind of gives that away) so of course I'm hype about the show returning for season 2 on January 19th. The trailers have been adorable, but didn't tell us much about what to expect. Except butt kicking and Peggy being fabulous.

And really, was anyone expecting something else?


We've got some new characters to get excited about:

(Aka the gentleman Peggy was getting very personal with in the trailer).

And of course some familiar faces:

Mister Jarvis is owning the fancy tie game!

And one very exciting appearance...


Yup. Dottie is back. Will we learn more about Leviathan (the program that will eventually train the Black Widow)? Are she and Peggy going to face off, or will they both have a bigger villain to deal with this time around? IT'S SO SOON AND TOO EXCITING. Someone hold my hand?

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