In Love and Bored: Is It Possible?

Being in love is supposed to be the most amazing, engrossing, thrilling thing ever. But... what if it's not?

We see quotes like this all the time:

But is that really realistic? For those of us who haven't truly been in love before – how do we know what love is really like?

So here's a little poll for you all, because I'm interested in hearing what you have to say: Is it possible to be in love and bored?

Can you get tired of the love of your life? Is true love sometimes not the thrilling emotional roller coaster depicted in the movies?

And does the belief that love will never be boring or anything less than 100% satisfying set us up for failure later, when we find the love of our lives and then they turn out to NOT be the answer to all our problems?

What do you think?@buddyesd@mewhinamon@lizarnone@seoinhan@sophiamor@nicolejb@jordanhamilton@marshalledgar@mundanegirl@mimmibumble01@dianes6711

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