Good Night Teacher Web Drama

Monsta X in a Chinese Web Drama "Good Night Teacher" will be airing this month.

I actually haven't really watched any Chinese Dramas. I've watched 1 or 2 Japanese dramas but I'm mainly a K-Drama person. I have to give this one a try though since Monsta X and an actor I really like, Lee Dong Gun, is going to be in this drama. And yes I'm talking about T-ara Jiyeon's boyfriend and current FNC entertainment actor Lee Dong Gun. I've seen him in the drama Super Daddy Yeol last and really liked his acting. Tagging Some Monbebes: @xXYGx@Meeshell@VeronicaOrtiz@NinaKuduzovic@VKookie47@LexTay327@LisetteZapata@LenaBlackRose@taetaebaozi@xxchicharitoxx@ravenator143@AimeeH@JohnEvans@PrettieeEmm@amberg171997@MelinaHernandez

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