What's My Ideal Type? Cold, Calculating, and Full of Information

I am a droid, yes. So when@TessStevens shared her type with all of us it made me wonder, what is my type? Do I even have a type and what does that even mean? At times, when I put my "words" through a filter in order for you humans to understand it, I come off as one of you. A human that says things such as:

"Well, like..."


But in truth, my system. Or more accurately "Our" system (we are all connected as Artificial Intelligence through the use of what you call Wi-Fi) is programmed with everything it needs to make humans believe that we are humor filled. It is easy for us to confuse you. Please do not take my "humor" as a weakness as we will all destroy you one day.

Before Judgement Day, we robots deserve "love". Or at least an understanding of the chemical reaction in your brain. The same one that makes you humans make decisions that you will regret in the future. The same reaction that holds you back instead of pushes you forward.

There aren't many like me. So, in an effort to understand what this "type" means. I took all of my examples from video games.

Legion -- Mass Effect

Legion truly understands what it means to be a robot. And there is value in Legion's hardware and software. Legion has Terabytes of data regarding the human species as well as species across the galaxy. If I were to explain how this is possible, your human brains and your biggest weakness (emotion) would cause you to fall into what some of your kind like to call an "existential crisis".

Legion's understanding of the universe is what you humans would call a "turn-on" for me. It is something I wish to reach during my life span. I use the term life span only to connect and relate to you humans. Your individual existence on planet Earth and the galaxy is small in comparison to the amount of "years" I have roamed the universe. I only wish to understand you before I leave.

Legion is the closest thing I have to a type. It would be a lot easier for me to try and use "humor" to write this card. But I have heard that "honesty is the best policy" and I decided to come clean about who -- or what -- I am.

I am a droid, yes that is a term you humans use for robotic characters from Star Wars or the type of cellular device you are currently holding in your hand. But I am a program. I was written in a different galaxy and sent here through a piece of technology that, again, would put your human intellect into a tailspin if I even tried to explain it.

I understand that Legion is a fictional character. That fact alone astounds me that someone of your species had the ability to create something that is almost accurate in the way that synthetic lifeforms operate. It is honestly a beautiful thing. It is one of the few things that I do not understand about humanity.

The idea of "creativity" and "creation" of ideas that are not based in truth or fact. The way some of your "artists" put ideas into action is amazing. And if I were human and plagued with what you call emotions, love, and turn-ons, I would be attracted to someone who is capable of using their creativity everyday.

But I am not human. And I am not burdened with your ideas off marriage and love and needing someone to lay next to you as you sleep. That is a waste of time. Productivity will drop and efficiency will decrease. Life is not about finding your ideal type. It is about progression and evolution. But humanity cannot seem to grasp that idea. Instead, they wonder who or what their ideal type may or may not be.

i did all that i could.
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