5 Reasons Why Your College Best Friend Totally Gets You.

Everyone has best friends. You have the clique you had for years, the friends you always call for a good time, and the friends you never see but are always there in case you need them.. And then there is that one friend you met in college.

And they have not only been there for the whole ride, but enjoyed every second of it.


1. Change is the only thing that happens in college

They got to know you during this hugeee change in your life and they are actually a huge part of who you become outside of college, so make sure you pick 'em right.


2. They understand every type of drunk you can get.

After 4 (or 5 or 6) years of jam packed drinking, your best friend can tell your drunk just by the pitch of your voice. They have been though it all with you, the emotional drunk, the angry drunk, the almost getting arrested drunk, the sneaking around drunk, and the we need to forget about this night drunk. This alone lets you know just how much they understand you.


3. They will have your back no matter what.

When you need a favor in college, it can sometimes be a big one. Bail money, help me save face in my ruined relationship, please take my final for me so I don't get kicked out of school begging, or the most important, get me hangover food now (they know exactly what you need obvi). Whatever it is, your biff will do it because they know you will always return the favor. Thats a bond that can not be broken.


4. You lived with them in rooms smaller then prison and LOVED IT.

College dorms are tiny. College beds, even smaller. Yet you still found yourself always in their bed watching Netflix, totally unconcerned with the lack of space. In fact, Christmas break was awful because you couldn't deal with your hangovers together anymore.


5. You always know how to make up after a fight.

True best friends fight. It shows you that they are honest, that they are willing to call you out and care enough to slap you back to reality. And while fighting sucks, you always know exactly how to apologize. Ill be honest, sometimes it does require some surprise McDonalds.

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