When Baekhyun sends you snaps 🙈💖

all right girls are you ready! take your seats! FASTEN YOUR BLANKETS get comfey because its about to get good!!! READY. SET. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

your bae is always bothering you and is always asking you everyday if hes cute or not he sends you aegyo video snaps and pics. When he sends you stuff like that you almost die of cuteness overload even tho its anooying you still cant get over how adorable he looks and handsome of a man he's always been ... you say to yourself *pull yourself together you cant fall for him really fast* you say *No* in an anooying way and then you do an anooying face since youre sending him a vid snap he answers you back with the most freaking adorable snap even and from there you noticed you cant contain it anymore... you fell for his own trap..

hes always making you jealous of his hair styles. any color that his stylist does its just on point, including daily outfits and make up all you have to do is to deal with that pretty boy all by yourself and you dont mind at all. after all hes your bf ..

He always suprises you with snaps that he wants to be with you so he invites you to eat. you at that moment you are start to get ready with your make up and you send him a snap of you with your *#make up on point*. you try your best to dress yourself cute, a pinch of sexy and appropriatly. at that moment he sends you a snap with the most daring comment ever. So you tease him sending him pics of you all prepped out and flawless. And like always he compliments you in a cute/sexy way and you love it ...

after that lunch date ends he has to go back to work. so he hugs you without letting you go and then puckers his lips and says cutely wheres my popoo jagi you giggle and kiss him goodbye he yells "see you tonight beautiful!" you wave goodbye. you start walking to get a taxi while in the taxi you start to smile and think to yourself "does he love me that much for him to call me" and all of a sudden you say outloud "jagi" the taxi driver says excuse me you said oh on the next street .. to cover that up you laugh you get out and go home while opening the front gate you recive a snap of him ...

when hes in a food coma state he will always bully you with these adorable snaps and you will always reply him with a "how id wish to be there with you and cuddle with you bae "

while at work he sends you snaps of what hes doing and forces you to watch the programs he and the hyungs come out so you can talk what ge did good or bad on the show later that day. as the day passes by Chanyeol always teases you with his snaps and you always reply to him that hes yours after a long day your bae sends a snap of himself.. -writer (keke)

your kisses are like a battery charger so you send him plenty of popoos in a video snap.. from there he sends you the most cuttest snap ever you stop everything and think to yourself "waaa oppa really loves me eeek! .." you smile like an idiot.. you recieve another snap and says yaaaa! call me baby so you call him and tells you how much he loves you and that he really wants to be with you really bad ♡ you hear a noise .. you thought is was the background noise from his phone but you noticed that his voice was kinda shakey. you hear something hitting your window you peek outside and he screams "SARANGHE JAGIII!". you tell him to shush but he keeps screaming it untill you rush to your door and when you open it there he was with hands wide open saying to you with the sweetest voice "i told you see you tonight didnt i Jagi ♡"

OMG .. this was way too long lmaoo i had fun doing this guys! so freaking cuteeee ♡♡♡ Cant get enough of these baby's? if you want more just comment down below remaining candidates *suho *kai *chen *kris *Tao *luhan let the snapchats begin @solodaywithB1A4@KaeliShearer@thePinkPrincess@MadAndrea@ReynadeKpop@MichelleIbarra@AimeeH@TiffanyBibian@Tamaki1618@Ligaya@AnnahiZaragoza@Jiyongixoxo@BrandyBell16@ShortyGarcia@DestinyMcCauley@KpopQueenaBee@jenjenkhreim@Meeshell@panouvang123@KellyOConnor@SarahVanDorn@Yongsongmi@PrettieeEmm@ShinyYang15@LaurenStrayhorn@aortiz258@parktaemi@saraortiz2002@tayunnie@HerosBells@Starbell808@torchix@cthulu@reyestiny93@KeziahWright@funfunbunbun@Beckah1327@EliseB@xoxrlwoxo@Moose1998@skittlesrocks93@EliseB@YoongiAegyo@TesneemElAlami@saraortiz2002@Mikim000@JaxomB@CreeTheOtaku@Ligaya@AnnahiZaragoza@MelinaHernandez@Tigerlily84@GenesisTellez@jooheony@deemonster100@MsLoyalHeart@NEOisRealo@RoyallyPrincess@KrystaDaricek@ashleyagwatu@KatelynSummerso@BekiKunstman@tiffany1922@TiffanyEXO@Allyson3333@jeess143@ot12exodus02@baileykayleen@PizzaPanda19@Marblue143 (if you guys want to be tagged let me know ill try my best to tag you guys! ♡)

Annyong haseyo Jeonun Carina imnida, Jeonun Mikukin imnida Mannaseo bangap sumnida ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡🎀💖♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Hello my name im Carina im from the US nice to meet you ! im a fan of K-pop and K-dramas im learning Korean also a singer and musician, and attempting to post cool Cards for you guys! ill probablly be a writer later ...
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