Youtube History Challenge!

So everyone is making and doing challenges so i made one! RULES: Go to your youtube history. Find the last five music videos you watched (you may have to do some scrolling if you have watched as many BTSBombs as me lately) Starting from the most recent it goes as follows. 1. How you met your bias 2. what your first big fight was about 3. the song that keeps you together 4. the song you walk down the aisle to 5. describes your marriage/love life. If they arent all kpop songs that is great! it adds to the fun! So here is Mine!

1. How I Met My Bias Man In Love by Infinite!

2. What our first big fight was about. No More Dream by BTS

3. The song that kept you together. She's Back by Infinite

4. The song you walked down the aisle to. Lay Low by Josh Turner

5. Describes your marriage/love life. Chained up by Vixx.

Well then.... *coughs* I really need help with tags....@ChelseaJay will you tag people for me!!!! Please?????

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