Always the odd one ._.

So today is my first day in Japanese class (still in class...3 hrs to go .-.) and for intros we had to write about anime/manga we've seen.

I just wrote two (AoT and Naruto) because I was honestly too lazy to write more. plus the space in the paper isn't that big anyways so, I couldn't even write much it I wanted to ._.

BUT...others were writing One Punch Man and I feel left out since I haven't seen it. Like, where do you guys watch it? I really want to see it.

Another reason I feel left out is because apparently everyone here dislikes Tokyo Ghoul (hence Kaneki in the beginning). The teacher said "why do they have to eat each other. It makes no sense" I really wanted to say "ITS ANIME THATS WHY!" I mean, the teachers a vegetarian, so he's already against eating meat, but still, my classmates also agree with him. And I'm like "WHY?!" I don't know...I just had to share it with you guys .____. I feel awkward knowing I'm the only one who enjoys that anime in this class...

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