Unjudging Love

Our common work has a great influence in shaping our character. One whose business it is to inspect the work of others, watching mercilessly for errors or flaws, needs to guard himself sedulously, or the critical spirit, so important in his work, will find its way into all his life. A lady once said to Hogarth that she wished to learn to draw caricature. “Alas! It is not a faculty to be envied,” replied the great master of the art. “Take my advice, and never draw caricature. By the long practice of it I have lost the enjoyment of beauty. I never see a face but distorted, and never have the satisfaction to behold the human face divine.” A similar word of caution is needed by all of us, lest our daily occupation and habit influence us in our way of looking at the lives about us. The way to escape the danger is to be full of unjudging love.

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