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Thank you@BBxGD for tagging me, this seems like alot of fun So choose a number and I'll answer the corresponding question....sorry if some answers are really boring because im boring...

@AleeyahLuvsExo@CassieChurchwar @amandamuska@torchix@amobigbang@DestinyMcCauley@KennaStarz@gyapittman@LateashaChantae@KpopandKimchi@Emealia I hope you all are able to participate....and If i don't answer your question right away it may be because I ran out of my data...or because I'm busy....but I will try my best to answer quickly! If you don't want to be tagged make sure to day something If you do, say something too!

some kpop groups I like are: BTS, Block B, ToppDogg, and Bigbang. Plus many many more...
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