When asked the difference between Chinese IGOT7 and Korean this was what he said. This made my heart melt because sometimes I feel like because I can't be at their concerts or do anything for them that I really don't have the right to call myself an IGOT7 when I am so far away. Or that maybe when they say IGOT7 they always imagine just Asian fans so this made me happy.

He always tries to make people happy and feel good about themselves. He knows just what to say to make my day every time he opens his mouth. I quote him and draw strength from his words ever single day. I wish that he would know just how much I and the rest of his fans appreciate and love him. No matter what I will always support him.

He is everyone's number one fan. He will believe in you when you don't.

Our wang mandu needs to know that he is a star too. We don't care that he has short legs, or about anything else he is self conscious about. We love him just the way he is. He is talented beyond belief,and is the most amazing person out there. He is my hero. Share and like if you agree. I want to fill the fandom with wang puppy love ❤️

kpop is my life. I'm a:Got7, Exo, CNblue, Shinee, f(x), block b, B1a4, vixx, u-kiss, bts, fan. Jackson is my ub. my obsession with Got7 is a bit out of control. Basically anything Korean is my style.Learning Korean.
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