What Dating Apps Do You Use?

Alrighty, confession time. I have zero experience with the dating app. But ALL MY FRIENDS DO.

Yesterday a bunch of my friends were telling me all about this new dating app Bumble. And before that is was Tinder, and before THAT it was OkCupid.

Is it just me or all these dating apps hard to keep up with?

This made me think... How many people actually use Dating Apps? And, how many of them are Vinglers?

Here's some apps I'd like to highlight.


Missed connection? Well, now you can go back to try and find them. This location-based app helps you connect with people you may have run into off-line already. Hello, cutie at the coffee shop! Here I come!


You know the deal right? Swipe right, swipe left. All that jazz.

How many people use it?

How many matches?

Coffee Meets Bagel

This app is a little less overwhelming than the Tinder matches. Using your Facebook info, it pairs you with only 1 match, that's right, just ONE per day and you can open a chat to talk.


Created by the lady Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, Bumble is designed to empower women to initiate conversations with men. The woman swipe the same as then has 24 hours to make a move by sending her match a message, after that time the match disappears for good.

What is your dating app experience? Have you used a dating app?! How did it go?!

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