Make a Beautiful House of Meat in ARK Survival Evolved

Dearest Mister Vin Sybll (aka@InVinsybll),

We here at Droid Corp (formerly Ghost Corp) are pleased to announce that the home of your dreams is awaiting you in the game ARK: Survival Evolved. The CEO of Droid Corp (formerly Ghost Corp) Paul I. Droid (formerly Paul I. Ghost) has received your multiple messages and comments about refinancing your mortgage to have "a tiger skin rug" and "people skin lampchades [sic]".

Don't remember? Allow our specialized Droid Technology take you into the past in order to remind you of your words:

Although you refinanced your mortgage, we here at Droid Corp (formerly... you get the idea) will gladly help you pay it off if you invest in our Virtual Reality Real Estate Opportunity! Yes, Mr. Sybll, you can be a part of Ghos-- Droid Corp!

I bet you are thinking, "but how did you get my address or my real name who are you really?" Allow me to explain on the behalf of our CEO Paul I. Droid.

Mr. Droid has been watching you, like he watches everyone in his Newly Acquired Video Game Community. He has been hard at work thinking up new ideas and plans to make his Newly Acquired Video Game Community a place with good Real Estate Opportunities! He wants you to be on the "ground floor".

If you invest in our MEAT STRUCTURES, you will be exempt from the MEAT COLLECTING PROCESS by our ADVANCED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MEAT GATHERERS (name not official). We ENCOURAGE you to sign at the bottom line if you VALUE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIFE OF OTHERS.

Above, you can see one of our first investors building their own MEAT STRUCTURE. Don't you think that is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon Mr. Sybll? I am sure you do. We here at Droid Corp believe that we can make HUMANITY GREAT AGAIN by reminding them that THEY ARE ONLY GOOD FOR ONE THING, resources!

If you believe in our mission and our vision, we would be glad to have you on board! Please notify us of your decision as soon as you can!


Droid Corp. (Formerly Ghost Corp and Previously Average Industries) Recruiting Dept.

i did all that i could.
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