elictricty rant

Damn electricity! I want to curse whoever invented it! of course, cursing Benjamin Franklin could end badly. considering he's already dead and I don't want his ghost haunting me. I wanna live! ah, but what is the point if life when noone knows their purpose? and what is the purpose of purpose when it is clearly irrelevant.? and why are there so many questions. that reason is so we can learn, but there are those who wish to be stupid. I pity them, for knowing is not a weakness. there are many who think weakness is a bad thing. in retrospect it os, but not always. for without it, we wouldn't know strength or courage. and then we wouldn't be people, would we? then again, half of us pretend we aren't people anyway. isn't that lovely? how many of us truly believe we're the only life in the universe? do you know for certain there aren't extra terrestrial's? I think not.

@MichaelOgg and number three lmao

Hi I'm a lowly youtuber/ anime, music, art and anything buff. my name is Samantha but I go by the mellow mallow. I hope to make friends with community members of people who like the same stuff as me. I have twelve favorite colors.
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