Welcome To The Exo Diner!

Open 24/7. Free WiFi, good food and extremely attractive staff

Firstly let's introduce our staff...

Chanyeol^^ *the "entertainment"...Tells really bad puns. WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT PROVOKE HIM!

Kyungsoo *surprisingly has not served jail time on Baekhyun's behalf

Jongin *is prone to drop food on costumers

Baekhyun *makes it his mission to be in the same shift with Kyungsoo to annoy him. Likely Cause of Death: Kyungsoo

Junmyeon *considered the mother of the staff

Sehun *the youngest staff member.. *parades around the diner shirtless, was almost fired because of his attire several times.

Zitao *is not actually an employee..But a regular

Yixing *not an employee but visits often staying for hours and hours due to his major zoning out conditions

Minseok *quiet...that's all

Jongdae *waiter who is notorious for leaving his number your receipt. WARNING: MAJOR FLIRT, DISENGAGE!!

Luhan *is only working in the diner because of property damage, always trying to attract Minseok's attention

Yifan *is the owner of Exo Diner, considered the father of the staff members, is rumored to be married to Junmyeon. Flips tables during business calls, is prone to throw things such as plates and curse words.

GOD THIS TOOK FOREVER!!! I hope you guys like this it was actually really fun^-^ And I hope to see you at the Exo Diner!

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