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Posted July 30, 2015 11K Shares The second member of 'Run Valentine' has been released! This is what we know about her. Name; Nakamura Rin Nickname; Rin-chan Nationality; Japanese Position; Main Dancer/ Lead Rapper Place of Birth; Fukuchiyama, Kyoto, Japan Hometown; New York City Age; International; 22 Korean; 23 Height; 164 cm Weight; 52 kgs Likes; •Learning •Dancing •Classical Music Dislikes; •Being called any other type of Asian other than Japanese •Boys who are arrogant over their own looks •Sailor Moon Trivia; She has an instagram, its@Run_Rin Rin helps write some of Run Valentine's songs. Rin loves everything studio Ghibli (Howls Moving Castle is her favorite). As before, Rin took the same interview as Min-Seo.

What do you expect from debuting?  

That there will be more female dancers who get to show the world they can do more than just shake their hips a little.

Are there any specific tv shows you'd like to be in?  

Running Man and Weekly Idol.  I’m ready for the Random Dance Play!  Get better soon Donnie-sunbaenim!

Is your group going to be a one hit wonder or impress?

Most definitely impress.  We give you 110% of our hearts. With that, I know we will succeed.

Are you confident?  

Every time I’m on stage.  I own the stage and refuse to be told otherwise.

What makes you different from other debuting groups?  

There isn’t going to be too many cutesy concepts.  We want to impress you with our valentine hearts, not cupid appearances.    

Is there anything you'd like to say to those who support you?  

With everything I can, I will make you proud and I’m not going to give up until my heart stops.

How do you feel about the haters?

I’d rather fill your heart with love than hate. How was she? Bias wrecker? Let us know in the comment section!

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