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1. Selfie I look fabulous today and even more so last night(ignore me attempting to be cute) recently I've been experimenting with makeup looks and I found a good way to smoke out my eyes. So I'm 19. I graduated high school in May 2014 then waited until June 2015 to get a job, which I quit in July 2015 because it was at Walmart and they had me in charge of 3 huge departments even though it was my first ever job and I was brand new. Like they would always yell at me for not getting enough freight onto the shelves. I was supposed to have 300 boxes of freight in each department done within a couple hours and I also had to get the returns and I had to restock the overstock AND fill out claims for stuff that had been damaged or stolen. It got to the point where when I quit I was in tears and sobbing to my boss and all she said was "I can't tell you that I'll get someone to help you out, I understand this is a hard job. Just don't waste your life after you leave here okay?" Sorry I'll stop ranting about that shitty job. Anyway, I really like to draw, paint. write, and read. I also like to sing, even though I can't sing for shit.

2. Dream Crush Jung Daehyun. He's just amazing. One thing I really like about him is that when he was asked when he wants to get married and have a family he replied "as soon as possible." And then when asked how many kids he wants, "as many as possible because I'm good with kids." I mean I probably want 2 or 3 kids but you know, whatever you want babe. Also I seem to always go for vocalists with amazing voices who are dorks with nice lips. I mean BTS- Jin, Block B- U-Kwon, VIXX- N, GOT7- JB. Well BIGBANG is arguable because GD is both a vocalist and a rapper... ANYWAY

3. Status ...single. I've never had a boyfriend. I mean my first kiss was my bi friend kissing me because she liked me. What's fucked up is she kissed me and when I told her I didn't roll that way and told her to go home, because she came over to my house, I found out the next day that she was dating the guy I liked. And because I had choir class with them I almost started crying when I saw them. I was pretty close with my crush too. But we were watching a movie because it was like 3 days till the end of school for the summer and she knew how pissed I was at her so she kept trying to apologize saying "I know you like him but I like him too." When I kept ignoring her or getting pissed at her she left the room crying and he walked over to me asking where she was I snapped at him and he frowned noticing how pissed I was and how close I was to crying. Ugh high school drama. OKAY NEXT

4. Most Romantic Moment Well I mean... I got proposed to in kindergarten.. Um my crush and I had a discussion which ended in him saying "you're not fat, you're fluffy! Like a pillow!" before he dated my friend. Yeah no I haven't had anything remotely romantic happen to me. Guys tend to avoid me. Although I had two guy friend in school. One was gay and the other might have been bi I'm not sure

5. What I Look For in a Partner Sense of humor. I love you if you can make me laugh.

I'm not gonna tag anyone because HA! And because I don't know anyone on here. Sorry. Feel free to do it if you want though

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