How to be Rich: A Step by Step in KPops Own Way

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Anyway, its Sara people!you wanna move to Seoul, right?not to burst your bubble or anything-Don't worry, I don't know either. But let's just say I did some research.improvise 113465929% of the time" c;.

So feel honored, cause I did it for you all.

Its called:


I wish thoughwell, technically 3 but I'm not mentioning the last one...-1-2-But I can totally give you a few tips that can make you go rich and make them boys go loco.


Be my guest and keep reading.

1. Live within your Means.

For the love of God, if you have 11 bucks, only spend the 11 bucks.Don't go around asking for money, you'll make yourself a debt that will grow probably bigger than Mercury itself.

2. Don't Gamble

oh I don't have any more money, let's spend this to see if I can win more than what I started with!"Its dumb. Luck will catch you 0000.000000000000000000001% of the timeWhen I say, it's dumb, its basically cause you sound like, "Oh, I don't have any more money left! I'm gonna spend this on having fun with some friends while I know that I will go broke!"hopefully not-

3. Read every day

OK, OK, OK. But did you know that only 11%of the rich people read because they like it?

I was shocked.

Now, going back to business.Don't be like JungKookwho forgot everything from highschool since debut.Be like RapMonster, who occasionally turns to BrainMonster.

4. Spend less time in Internet and TV

I am literally so guilty of this one.. I could be reading right now, you know.Don't be THAT addicted that you stop having sleepstop spending time outside, or stop having family time

Yeah, don't be like TOP either.

5. Control Your Emotions

Yeah, yeah, we get it.

Go home, buy 1 whole litter of ice cream, put on the MV or KDrama, snuggle yourself up with blankets, and STUFF. YOUR. FACE.

Just don't do that at work.

They don't cry either about responsibilities.

Just FYI.

6. Volunteer Regularly

Yeah, don't be like the fans.aaahhhh

The sweetheart even apologized to the fans who DIDNT get his autograph.

Now don't make a comment war about "It was a once in a lifetime" thing. Yeah, it was. But hey.


7. Go above and beyond in world of business.

In other words, take risks. Aim higher than you do.

And by this I mean help and treat people nicely too. Be kind.Not to shame but,

8. Set Goals. Not Wishes.

Yeah, I dream of going to Seoul, too. No, I actually do something about it.Yeah, I want to marry JungKook, and YuGyeom, and Sehun, and Lee Min Ho, and SHINees Min Ho, and TOP, and GD, and.... Yeah, you get the point.can't do anything about THAT,as much as I love them, I'll be honest-

9. Avoid Procrastination.

Please dont be like YG:goddamn awesome-

10. Talk less and listen more.

Stop interrupting. Listen to what people have to say, it can help.

OK, let me give you an example.

You wanna be a lawyer? Good. Now go talk to GOOD lawyers so that they can give you advice.


Unless you are as talented as whole BTS combined and get your company to one of the highest or top ones, when it was a super small one, I suggest you do this,too.

11. Don't give up


Remember how far you have gotten.

Just don't, bruh.

12. Set aside the self limiting beliefs holding you back.

But I have come to realize, there ARE people in this world who really care about what you do.They will listen to you talk aaaallll day about your passions, about what you wish to do one day, about anything you like.

You want to know why?

Simply because your eyes shine 27485929139% more, Your smile grows 285739204738% more and because you are the actual person you are when you do you.

13. Get a mentor

Literally the same thing as 10. , but with easier words.

14. Eliminate bad luck from your Vocabulary.

OK. Let me get this started.

If you keep telling yourself that you didn't make it to something cause you are ugly, stupid, bad, and stuff like that, yo, you aren't gonna go anywhere.

You hear me?

Start changing your attitude to something good.

Attitudes are contagious. Is your worth catching?

15. Know your main purpose.

This one is probably the most important one of all.


And what exactly are you gonna do about it?

Don't forget that you are a human, too.

But most importantly, don't forget why you are doing this. Why you can't give up.

Following these small tips and steps can get you a long way, my friends... Don't forget to be the actual person you are though. I really hoped these helped some one.

Have a good one Vingle!

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