Vingle Mobile Changed?!?

Okay first of all, the kitten in the media is just there to get your attention (which, if your reading this, it probably did) and just because she's so freaking adorable omg. Her name is Monet by the way. ANYWAY. Back to the point of this card. I have been neglecting Vingle for only a few days (I'm sorry my sweet Vingle! I will never do it again!) and it's changed completely! Kudos to whoever designed Vingle mobile! I LOVE IT!!! Dewa, mata ne!

Ohayo! I'm 13-years-old and totally into anime, manga, and all things Japan! I'm also the guild master of Mermaid's Storm, also run by miss @matildajgarrett. So, check out my page to find a card for the guild! Don't be shy. If you want to join, shoot me a message, or comment on one of the cards!!! Dewa, mata ne! (See you next time!)
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