Life in Korea A KPop FanFic pt3


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**I don't really do inappropriate things, so I'm sorry, but I won't waste your time. I'm just going to write something a 16 year old would do.**

Small summary:

Life in Seoul, South Korea can be pretty tiresome when you are a College Student. Especially when you are 16. Sara skipped 2 years, therefore making her the little baby, or maknae as she calls it, of her grade. It has been so far, so good. Except that one time that happened.

---Last Ending---

And out came a man I didn't recognize in a black suit.

it was pretty easy to hide.his cue to get back in the carI saw Manager Nim look at them... In such a way that reminded me of a father....I felt my eyes go misty as realized that I always wanted my dad to look at me....He never saw me with such care....It was adorable.As if never wanting to let go.

Namjoons arms did look pretty strong....But his arms....Snap out of it! Don't check Nams out!my phones brightness probably illuminated my face.they didn't notice anything,it looked like a fight between a chihuahua and a Doberman pup.Sara, where do you get your comparisons from?The perks of being short. Hahahaha, no.okayWe stepped out of the shadows.

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