Let Me Explain (Life Update)

So I've been kinda absent this week. I don't think I've posted one card like at all. I'd like to be more active in the community consistently. Not that I really need to explain myself but I'd like to.

With the coming of my impending leave date I've been training. A lot more. That coupled with work, I've been kinda busy. I try to reply to everything I'm tagged in but I haven't been able to make cards. Also to keep myself in high spirits, I've been watching a lot of MVs and variety shows in my minimal spare time. My friend dragged me out last night because she was worried about me haha

Today was a whole different story however. Today was my day 1/4 off. And I re-discovered tumblr (big mistake, find me at torchixx.tumblr.com my tags are gr8). And I found this video. It's dope in 1080p. And it singlehandedly ruined my bias list.

Jeon. Jungkook. This kid is unbelievable. He was my original bias when I found BTS. Then he started pretending he was an adult and I backed out. Now he is an adult. And he's coming back for my heart. With a vengeance. I watched that whole video and not one did I look at Yoongi. I'm afraid guys. Very afraid. He's surpassed Hoseok and Jimin as bias wreckers. He's a bias destroyer. I feel a change coming. And I don't like it 😞


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