Gu Family Medical Book (Korean Drama) Ep.7-LIVE Recap

Airs on 29nd, 10pm (Korean Time) While KC is being chasen, a man who got help from Mr.Park provides a place for KC and TS. Dam and KC attract policemen far apart from TS. At the moment, CJ is taken to gisaeng house. Before fighting with KC, policemen get rid of his bracelet, doubting that his power comes from it. KC can't resist, feeling fever. At that moment, KC changes to fox. <Cast> Lee Seung-Gi - Choi Kang-Chi (KC) Bae Suzy - Dam Yeo-Wool (YW) Yoo Yeon-Seok - Park Tae-Seo (TS) Sung Joon - Gon (G) Jung Hye-Young - Cheon Soo-Ryun (SR) Lee Sung-Jae - Jo Kwan-Woong (GW) Lee Yoo-Bi - Park Chung-Jo (CJ) Eom Hyo-Seop - Park Moo-Sol (MS) Jo Jae-Yun - Wal-Pae (WP) Lee Yeon-Hee - Yoon Seo-Hwa (SW) Choi Jin-Hyeok - Koo Wol-Ryung (WR) Jo Sung Ha - Dam Pyeong Jun (PJ) *Watch LIVE Recap of Ep.8 :D Watching the blue light around KC, YW thinks, 'I wanted to ingnore SJ monk's saying, but...' YW gets shocked, watching KC's appearance. She runs away, being frightened. After killing ninjas, KC heads to CJ, but he loses his sense soon. In the meanwhile, CJ arrives gisaeng house. CJ insists she won't come in. Head of gisaeng house, So Ryeon, says, "What can you do if you don't become gisaeng?" CJ continually insists she won't be gisaeng, then SR orders to tie her to the tree. CJ cries, "I won't never forgive what you did me today..!" Being left alone, CJ cries, calling her father. YW reports to her father, PJ, what she saw. Dam says, "I saw the ninjas' body. There was trace of claw." Dam asks to kill him before KC does sth worse. Lee Son Shin says, "Let's bring him here first. He was like son to Mr.Park." Coming outside, YW gets angry of Dam. "How you can say those things easily? How you can say you will kill him? You always know only my father's order. That's why I feel kind of wall from you sometimes." Dam asks, "Why you care of him that much?" YW says,"I told you, he saved my life." and walks away. PJ talks about KC with SS. "A long time ago, I killed a fox, and there was a baby between the fox and a women. I think KC is the boy." SS says, "If he can work for us, it would be great. He's half beast and half human, so he would be much stronger than common ppl. If KW has KC under his control, we won't be able to stop KW anymore. Let's see what KC does, and if he does sth bad, then let's kill him." Next morning, KC wakes up and feel confused of what he did last night. And KW gets news that his ninjas were lost. "That's so interesting. I recognized KC is a special guy. If he defeated all ninjas, he would be more special than my thought." SJ monk says KC the truth of his identity. "If you stayed in mountain for more days, you would be human. But you broke the bracelet, and now you are half beast and half human. Before you make more accidents, stay in mountain." KC can't accept that he's not human anymore. He gets frustrated. KC asks to bring him back to human again, but SJ monk says nth. YW sees it behind and can't believe the story of KC. CJ blacks out in 4days, then SR brings her inside. In the end, CJ decides to be gisaeng. In the meanwhile, KC does nth, being frustrated. Watching his foolish behavior, YW hits him. "Why you don't eat? Aren't you hungry?" KC gets surprised, "How you came here?! You don't care of my appearance?" YW scolds him, "So wat? I don't care. No matter how you looks, you are still KC." KC gets confused. "I don't know. I killed ppl and my body has changed. I don't know if I'm still KC or beast." Hearing his saying, YW says, "You are still KC. If you were beast, you wouldn't be so confused like this." But KC doesn't listen to it and ignores her. In the meanwhile, SJ monks notices that KC's eye color came back to black for a moment, and doubts if YW have special relation with KC. KW finally buyes Baek Nyeon hotel in cheap price and brings Mr.Park's family under his slaves. Mr.Park's wife says, "You can't be real owner of this hotel. Resentment of my family will be around you always." KW threatens her, and Mr.Park's wife commits suicide. Coming inside the hotel, KW doubts what Mr.Park said. "By the way, I doubt what she said. She said I can never be real owner of this hotel. Is there a secret that I don't know about here?" Magistrate flatters she just said it to disturb him, but KW still doubts it. In the meanwhile, KC is still confused of his real identity. He struggles between human and beast. YW cheers him up, and KC says, "I wanna kill all..!" Listening to it, SJ monks says to YW, "Run away from here. I think KC became beast. He lost in his own fighting between human and beast." SJ monk tries to stop KC, but he heads to kill the ppl that damaged Mr.Park and his family. At that night, CJ goes to treat KW, while KC heads to kill the bad ppl. At the moment, Dam and SJ monks stops him. Bringing KC, PJ orders to send him to government office. YW complains, "You promised to help KC! Government office is already under KW's control!" PJ says, "I'm helping him. It's SS's decision to send him to government office." Next day, KC is being judged by magistrate. The magistrate says what KC did wrong. KC says, "Before I die, if I can kill KW, I would die anytime." Watching him, KW asks, "What can you do to kill me? I will give you last opportunity. If you work under me, I would guarantee your wealth and authority." But KC resists strongly, and KW orders to kill him. At the moment, Lee Soon Shin stops him. "I came here, hearing that my servant are caught here.", he says. He says to KC, "How have you been? I came here to take you." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story is going more interesting..! It's so good for SS to save KC:D I hope he would start all the things again and revenge KW.ㅠㅜ Do you think he can get over all the obstacle and success to save CJ and revenge KW?

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