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Five Favorite Groups! Mine are: BAP Got7 BTS EXO BIGBANG Now answer these questions: 1. Who is your favorite in # 2? 2. Who is your least favorite in # 1? 3. What's your favorite song of # 4? 4. Favorite concept of # 5? 5. Who do you ship in # 3? 6. What ship do you secretly hate in # 2? 7. How long have you been a fan of # 1? 8. How did you become interested in # 3? 9. Who is your bias wrecker in # 4? 10.Whose music do you listen to most # 2 or 4? 11. Which of have you been a fan of longer? 12. If you could be anyone in # 4 who would you be and why? 13. If you had to kill anyone in # 5 who would you? 14. Who would you sub-unit between # 2 & 4? 15. Pair two in #1 that would make an unlikely but strange couple 16. Which has the best Chemistry # 3 or 5? 17. If you had to pick to only listen to #1,2,5 for the rest of your life who would it be? My answers:

My favourite in #2...hmmmm I'll have to say either BamBam or Mark... I can't choose They're both so adorable

Jongup is my least favourite. I'm sorry Jonguppie, I love you~

My favourite song by EXO is what if. It just makes me feel all mushy and it is so beautiful

My favourite concept by BIGBANG is without a doubt the one in monster. idk I just loved it

I am Sullow af. Have you ever seen such a couple so perfect for one another. No ship can compete agaist Sug and his pillow


I dont hate any of the ships tbh

Idek know. Long enough that I was on my death bed when I thought they weren't coming back


An old friend of mine showed me the mv for just one day, nough said

Fucking Zhang Yixing man. I cant be mad at him for it though


I don't actually listen to EXO that often, but I don't listen to got7 much either. So idk


BIGBANG, they are the first kpop group I ever listened to, and the first song I heard by them was monster

I would be Sehun just cause. There is something about him that makes me wanna be him


No. I would rather they kill me. Just the thought of any of them being dead hurts

Idk. Can they just be together


Daelo maybe. Idk I think they would be cute

BIGBANG for sure. They have been together for longer


BAP. BAP for sure

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