YouTube history challenge

@KellyOConnor to post at least 5 music videos I have in my history but ima add in a six bc it's a even number. Hhgn.

1. BTs: No More Dream

Lmao I only love this song so much bc they are all small babies and Sugas part in the very beginning.

2. GD and TAEYANG:GoodBoy

I love this song so much for no reason.

3. Akdong Musician (AMKU): Eyes Lips Nose COVER

I stumble across these people when looking for the English cover. And I fell in love with their songs. They don't have many at least I don't think but their voices are really pretty.

4. FLOW: Go!!

Ever since my young Naruto days this song has literally motivated me since to do stuff. This song gets me so excited.

5. Exo: Sing For You

Every time I hear this song and watch the MV I at least shed a small tear. If SM wasn't such a cruddy company to their children I would be so happy. I love exo so much and even the member who left. Tho song just makes me sad and happy. God I'm crying while writing this

6. TwentyOnePilots: Car Radio

I really love this band Lmao it's something other than kpop lol

Idk who to really tag. @shannonl5@hikaymm@JinsPrincess86@B1A4BTS5ever@Rhia@GrowingArt

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