@ArmyofKookie originally posted this, I just wanted to post it as well so everyone can read it. Yoongi is such an inspiration, to have come out and say this to everyone not as Suga to fans, but ad a person to another person. He loves us all so much and that's clear. I just hope he knows that we are all here for him as well, he is part of the group that means the world to a lot of us and we will always be here for him. I hope to god he knows that. :) We love you Yoongi and we always will! Stay strong and healthy! I look forward to new things from BTS

I would also like to give my input on the recent problems with hate towards Namjoon. Yes, sometimes he does say things that are inappropriate or even hurtful to people, I'm not saying that's right. I'm in no way saying he did nothing wrong. But, he owns up to what he does and has no problem apologizing for hurtful or inappropriate comments. He is a human being just like the rest of us, he makes mistakes, none of us are perfect and you cannot expect him to be perfect just because he's in the spotlight. Face the facts. Idols are not perfect, and that is okay. He doesn't deserve to be told to leave the band or get hate like he's been getting. That's immature and stupid of you to do especially if you're a "fan" Fans support every member, understand that they are human, acknowledge their mistakes and move on. There is no reason to dwell on his mistakes. He made them, he apologized, he learned. Move on. Namjoon, I understand you make mistakes, thank you for owning up to your mistakes and apologizing. I love you very much and I hope everyone can get over themselves and stop being immature. I will support you through everything! Please stay strong and healthy and I look forward to watching more performances and interviews with BTS. NAMJOON FIGHTING, BTS FIGHTING!

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