Bleeding Heart

This is still HeartBreak kk just change the tittle and also white bleeding heart flowers


**JHope POV 5 Before the drama** I wanted to leave my parents house and go home to y/n I really need her right now. I can't be around my family. Before I got my stuff and left I saw my older brother and my cousin. They walked up to me and hugged me. "I can't believe grandma is gone." NamJoon said. NamJoon is my younger cousin only buy some months. He was crying all over my older brother Min Yoongi. We like to call him Suga some times because he have a little sugar in his tank. "NamJoon I know you dad about grandma but get your crying baby ass off of me men. Act like a men and not a damn baby okay." He said pushing NamJoon off of him and walking away. Min Yoongi took it the hardest. He was really close to our grandmother. "What's wrong with him." Jeon Jungkook said. Jeon Jungkook he is my youngest cousin/brother. He is my mom sister son but my dad son. He looking at every one wondering what's going on. "Nothing he just upset about grandma that's it." I said. My cousin Taehyung, Jin, and Jimin were just standing there looking likes idiots. I just looked at my family and knew that's it's going to get even more crazy since my grandmother died. I walked out the house and looked at the sky and thought ** Why did you have to leave now grandmother.** I began to cry as the tears fell down my face I thought about y/n. I wish she was here with me. I looked up, I wiped my tears and went inside my family home and packed my bags. I am going home and nobody is stopping me. **Drama Begin** I had NamJoon dropped me off at home. I shake goodbye to him and grabbed my stuff. I was so happy to be home. I couldn't stop thinking about y/n, today I'm going to tell her that I love her and I'm not taking no for an answer. I walked in the apartment, I saw y/n shoes and somebody else. I put down my stuff and walked towards my room but I heard noise coming from y/n room. Then I heard a scream and I ran to her room and opened it. my heart quickly stop beating as what I saw. I saw her naked with Chanyeol. They both was naked, and I just stood there looking at them. They both turned towards me and looked at me. Before we could say anything y/n ran to the bathroom and puke. I was so mad I couldn't think but I when I saw that's she was puking I went to her needs. She was shock that's this had happen and couldn't put her mind to it. Her and Chanyeol kept going back and forth about how much did she drink. Before she could say another thing she puke again and again. I walked out of the bathroom and I waited for the right moment. Chanyeol came out dress and walk to me. He was trying to give me a hand shake but before he could. Something took over me and I punch him in his face over, and over again. u/n came out and tried to take me off of him but I was too mad to care. I push her not realizing how hard I pushed her. She hit her head on the end of the coffee table. I stop punching Chanyeol and turned toward y/n I saw that's she was unconscious. I saw that's blood came out of the back of her head.

"Oh my god grabbed her and put her in my car, we need to take her to the hospital." Chanyeol said. I was too worried about y/n to feel mad at him. I grabbed her and carried her to him car. We rush to the Hospital, "Can somebody help she hit her head and she bleeding!!" I yelled. some of the doctors come out and put her on the bed and push her to an exam room. We waited out in the waiting room for about an hour before they came. "Look I'm sorry I really didn't mean to sleep with y/n." Chanyeol said. I just looked at him, I wanted to punch that's handsome face into nothing. "Look we were kinda drunk, Well.. I mean I was kinda drunk and it just happen." He said again. "I swear of you keep talking I'm beat the living Shit out of you." I said annoyed. "Plus why are you still here she don't need you. You can go home and fuck every girl you see or better yet go fuck your damn self." I said getting up and moving away from him. Before he could come to me and saw something the doctor came out of the emergency room. "Is the guardian of y/n here." She asked. "I'm here." I said raising my hand. She walked towards me. "Who is she? Is she okay?" I asked worried. "Yea she is okay, it was just a minor bump on her head nothing serious. But she need to be more careful, for her sake and the baby sake." The doctor. "BABY!!" Me and Chanyeol said at the same time. We looked at each other. "She pregnant?" I asked. The doctor nodded her head, "She is about three weeks pregnant." She said. "Well that's baby ain't cause can't have babies." Chanyeol said. "What you mean you can't have babies?" The doctor said. "When I was a kid I got hit in the nuts by a baseball bat and they said I have a very low chance of having a baby, last night was the first time I had sex with her." He said. I looked at him and shook my head. Then it struck me that's if he can't have baby then it's mines.

**Y/N POV** I woke up in a hospital room, I looked around wondering how I got here. Then I realize that's JHope push me and made me hit my head. When I touch my head I felt the pain. The doors open and the doctor came in the room. "Hello y/n are you feeling." She said to me. "My head hurts, and my stomach feels like a not." I said. She looked at me and smile. "It's okay sometime pregnancy can be like. A trauma you at made your stomach not up." She said. I didn't realize what she had said at first but when I did my mind did the Mickey for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "I'm what!!" I said in shock. "Your pregnant, your Guardian already know that you are pregnant." She said. I stop and looked at her, "Who is my guardian?" I asked. She took out her clipboard and looked at the name. "a Jung Hoseok." She said showing it to me. I fell backwards, I couldn't believe what is happening to me. How could I get pregnant by Hopi and play he caught me and Chanyeol in the bed room naked.

What is happening to y/n and Hopi? What will happen next? How will they handle this situation? What you think is going to happen? Please comment below or like @KellyOConnor@BBxGD@AimeeH@amandamuska@VeronicaArtino@KpopGaby@BitterLimelight@Jiyongixoxo@Thepinkprincess I'm sorry that I haven't been posting my stories I been working and been tried.

I'm a kpop FANS I love it and I can't wait to hear more new stuff hope I finds friends that likes groups like I do and people that like kpop period.
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