CNBlue wrote and performed a song about their Plane Phobia?

Do you know that Yonghwa and Jungshin have a plane phobia? This is my first time hearing such thing! During their fan meeting in Tokyo on April 26, they sang an impromptu song expressing their fears whenever the airplane shakes. To make it even more dramatic, Yonghwa asked Minhyuk to act out the scenario - causing laughter everywhere. Finally, he ended the song saying "I'm a genius for making this song." lol The fan meeting is also to premier their fifth Japanese single called 'Blind Love'. The mini-album is totally self-composed, with Jonghyun composing 'Blind Love' and 'With Your Eyes' and Yonghwa composing 'Greedy Man'. I've tried searching for the fancam online but to no avail... if anyone has it, please share! thanks xD

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