Learning Korean with Tattoos

I do have a tattoo

falling in love with Hangul tattoos.

Here are some really cool ones that aren't necessarily my style, but they have a nice message :D

Today's me is shining

"Purely and beautifully."

"Deep Kindness"

Hard to translate to English, but basically it expresses some kind of great favor or extreme kindness you've experienced that you feel you need to repay. Like, some people might say, if your parents raised you well and sacrificed a lot for you, you need to live well in order to repay them. Their love for you is the deep kindness this tattoo represents :)

"Remember! You're dazzlingly beautiful"

"Overflowing with style"


"When we're together, we're valuable/priceless"

"Beautiful and Sensitive"

"A miracle happened two seconds ago"


"My light."

Would you ever get a tattoo in Korean or another language?


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