why did I suddenly decide to spam pictures of my beautiful baby? cause I just deemed him my wonderful ultimate that's why!

Isn't he so precious?

Ah, my beautiful Min Yoongi, thank you for existing ps. have any of you read his tweet to army? it's so sad, I started crying. Ya, yoongi oppa don't be so hard on yourself... you're so amazing so talented. The only thing army's are worried about right now is you getting enough rest, you being healthy and most of all you being happy! Don't worry about the concerts you missed, you were to sick to perform. don't worry about your mixtape, we don't mind if it's delayed because you were resting. Oppa all we want from you is to know that you are healthy and happy. 사랑해요 오빠~♡

I'm the motherfucking top madame~
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