BIGBANG PARTY: Monday Edition


Our ever unique leader of BigBang.

Honestly the way I remembered him at first was by his feminine features. He still makes a better female than me.

I wanted to focus on each members solo endeavors with these cards. So with GD he had Heartbreaker, Coup D'etat, and One Of A Kind. ♥♡♥ I really like the style in Crooked (from Coup D'etat) the most.


He was something else in Crayon. It was awesome. Look at him. GAH!

These are some of my favorite music videos of non title tracks. Butterfly - 2009 Window - 2013 (It a live performance, but I have to much love of this song to care.) Breathe - 2009


TAGGING TIME: Thanks to our wonderful event planners:@Helixx@catchyacrayon@lovetopia@ladygdragon

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