"All of a Sudden" {Park Chnayeol fic} Chapt. 2

Dedicated to my best friend Holls~ What happens when your best friend wins a competition and EXO takes resident in your neighborhood? Let's read to find out~ Chapters: 1. https://www.vingle.net/posts/1341727

Chapter 2: New Neighbors

After walking to your home, you had noticed a black van was parked in a house that your family have though the owners have moved. After beginning your homework somewhere around four o'clock someone had knocked on your door bell. When you opened the door it had taken everything in you not to fangirl, because standing in front of you was your bias, Park Chanyeol from EXO with rice cakes in his hands as an offering for his neighbors (Cultural Reference). After accepting the rice cakes he asked you in *rough but understandable* English if you could show him around your hometown. (Once again sorry for short chapter, I'll repeat its was originally a oneshot so the layout is changing..)


Ello peoples! ✨^~^✨ I'm a fairy that's here to make your day better than ever! ~ sadly I can't always grant you happiness but I can always wish it! ✨^~^✨ Layout credit: @BadGirlMinyeon (twt) 💛
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