Lee Min Ho talks about idols in dramas at ‘City Hunter’ press conference

On May 17th, Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, and KARA’s Goo Hara attended the press conference for SBS’s “City Hunter“. During the event, Lee Min Ho expressed his honest opinion regarding his castmate Goo Hara. He said, “Originally, I was very pessimistic when it came to idols stars and acting. Thanks to Goo Hara, many of my preconceptions have been shattered. When I was a rookie, there were many times in which my pride was hurt and I experienced many hardships. I didn’t like how it seemed that idol stars who made acting debuts had it easy and didn’t go through those experiences. I didn’t like how everyone struggles through many auditions in order to obtain a small supporting role, but idol stars seem to obtain those roles easily.“ However, after meeting Goo Hara and 2AM’s Seulong on “Personal Taste“, Lee Min Ho’s prejudices have changed. He revealed, “Everyone becomes happy when Goo Hara arrives on set. It becomes brighter in an instant.” On the other hand, actress Park Min Young spoke of her concerns about her acting transformation. She explained, “This is a work that 9 out of 10 opposed. It is a strong work with actions scenes and a strong melodramatic nature. But because I have failed with a melodramatic work in the past, it was hard to take on this challenge. However, I do not worry about whether or not this work will be a big hit. I made my choice according to my heart’s prompting… I think I get a more competitive mindset when I hear that things can’t do well. ‘City Hunter’ is a work I chose with a competitive mindset… I am practicing a lot for the acting scenes. It feels good to throw down the tall Lee Min Ho.“ Lastly, Goo Hara revealed her determination to take on criticisms regarding her acting openly. Goo Hara expresssed, “I started after deciding to take on many criticisms. I always had an interest in acting and I wondered how I would start my acting career. I want to show that I’m going to openly take the inevitable criticisms and I’m going to work hard as I get scolded to show improvements. When it come to taking criticisms, I will take them head on. I will try my best.“

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