Daily Bangtan Scout : Suga Profile

Bulletproof Suga here to start off the weekly Monday update of cards about our swagy Suga. This week will be all about basic profiles of the boys.

Yesterday you all got a card out Jincess from@thePinkPrincess

Today will be all about Mint Suga from yours truely

Tomorrow will be all about our Hope from@MadAndrea

Wednesday will be all about our wonderful LeaderMon from@CreeTheOtaku

Thursday will be all about our Jamless love Jimin from@amobigbang

Friday will be all about our cute Alien from@BulletproofV (Moderator, name change)

Saturday will be all about our favorite Kookie from@VKookie47


Here is some basic information

Stage name: Suga

Real name: Min Yoongi

Birthday: March 9, 1993 (Pisces)

Family: Mother, father, and older brother

Hometown: Daegu (He is really proud of this and mentions it multiple times in songs ex: Ma City)


Fun facts

The CEO gave him the stage name Suga because he was so pale and his smile was so sweet.

He has a licence to drive a car. (Many Idols don't get them till later)

Suga tends to be most stressed between Midnight and 6am but he doesn't mind because that's when he can focus of work better because there aren't many people at the studio and it is quiet.

Suga is the one who usually gets onto the younger members most because he isn't afraid to speak harshly if he needs to. He will always speak his mind.

Suga's personality isn't actually aegyo (cute) he is very straightforward. He acts cute as his way to show fans how much he loves them.

Despite being known as the lazy member Suga really enjoys playing basketball. He is usually point guard or shooting guard. He was even scouted with some collage students but because of his debut he wasn't able to due to time.

Is really bad at speaking English though his pronunciation of what he can say is really good.

Would rather spend his money on good electronics rather than on expensive clothes.

He deals with stress by writing lyrics. He always carries something to write on because he will write lyrics at all random hours.


Likes and Dislikes

Favorite color is white

Favorite number is 3

Enjoys taking pictures

Likes weather where you can wear short sleeves during the day and long sleeves at night.

Dislikes sweating or being tired

Likes to compose music and sleep

Likes to tease his dongsaengs

Likes a girl who is really into music especially hip hop

Likes a girl who uses fancy Hi-Fi headphones

This is a picture of the translated version of his own self profile that he made after In The Mood For Love pt.1

I am a young Chef trying to make my way in the world. I am inspired by music, mostly kpop, and love finding new things.
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