Confessions of a Breaking Heart

Your my world But what hurts most is Having to look at you And say i feel nothing Towards you. You make me happy. You fight all my fears away. Every scar doesnt matter. Its different this time And i dont understand how. Your so damn special It catches my breath Each time i look at you. You are the one, The one ive been looking for, Dreaming for, Craving for, But i am afraid Of losing you, So i continue to tell you That i feel nothing, When i feel so much In hopes that when i wake up Each morning, You are still there And not with her. Ill hold you like A fragile piece of glass. Ill love you like Its my last day to live. Ill take care of you Cause your so special to me. Ill treasure every moment I have with you Cause every moment with you Is so damn precious to me. But yet i have to tell you I feel nothing Just so i dont lose you. -kind of started working on this but didnt exactly finish

Passionate for horses, reading, writing, music, nature and art.
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