BigBang Dream Chapter 2!


@Emealia@Justcallmekyki@VerionicaArtino@ThePinkPrincess@TLeahEdwards@Mercii@VixenViVi@DestinyMcCauley@DanaMichelle@Marisamusic@KwonOfAKind @Catchyacrayon You read the cake and a heat grew on your face. "Thanks everyone!" you bowed thanking them. "Your welcome Y/n." They said all together. Taeyang couldnt help but stare at you. You were just so beautiful. Your long faded teal hair and your body figure made him think thoughts he shouldnt. You cut into the cake and handed everyone a slice. They all wanted to sit by you. Taeyang got the spot on the left and Ri got the one on the right. "Dig in!" You said taking a bite of the cake. "Wow! This cake is really yummy!" you said licking some of the icing your lips. Taeyang smilied and blushed, his stare got more intense after you licked the icing off your lips. *God damn* Taeyang said in his head he stopped staring once he heard everyone talking. "So y/n how do you like it so far?" GD said cutting his cake into a bite size piece. "I like it ALOT so far!" You said with a wide smile on your face. You checked the time and realized it was already 10:00. "Wow today went by fast!" You said to yourself. The boys went off to get ready for bed. You were in the kitchen washing the dishes and putting everything up. You heard someone come up behind you but you kept cleaning because you thought they were grabbing a water bottle or something. Instead you felt hands on your waist. A shiver went down your spine.

You felt warm breath on your neck. "I couldnt resist you." Your face turned red. You turned around so you could see who it was. Taeyangs face was inches from yours. You moved your head back a bit. Taeyang lifted one hand so he could move your face closer. His other hand moved your body closer to his. You didnt try to fight back..You actually liked it. The way he felt up against your chest. You could feel his heart beat..He looked at you then your lips. After a minute of staring he locked your lips together. His hand that was holding your head moved down your back, into your shirt. His cold hands pressed against your back moving up to your bra strap. He unhooked your bra and started to kiss your collarbone. You shirt was baggy so it was exposed. Your hands found their way into TaeYangs shirt. They were feeling every part of skin you could touch. "No wonder he is always shirtless." You thought. He left love marks on your collarbone and one or two on your shoulder. He pulled you closer to him. You blushed, you could feel him three his jeans. Your hands went down into his pants. You started to stroke his member. He let out a moan but stopped himself before the guys could hear yall. His hands made their up to your breast, he squeezed and rubbed causing you to let out a quiet moan. Oh the magic this man can do with his hands. He kissed your lips lightly but passionately. "TaeYang hurry up with our waters!" DaeSung yelled from upstairs. He moved his hands back to his sides and winked at you with a smirk. "Not so bad for a beginner." He said grabbing the waters and heading upstairs.

WHATTTTTT Hoped you enjoyed CHAPTER 2!!!!! Woohoo Idk how to lead you to Chapter one..BUT I am sure you will find it!

I'm just a normal person to people who don't know me but once you get to know me all you will hear is Kpop or Korean guys that follow me on Instagramㅋㅋ BO$$ES SQUAD!! Not sure who my UB is anymore. A🌐MG and ToppDogg supporter ❤️
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