What Is Your "Weird Thing?"


As you've probably heard, the prince of the unusual went back to space yesterday.

David Bowie was constantly creating, challenging, and reinventing.

I came across a tweet about honoring him, and it really got me excited:

So, what do you do that is weird or creative or fun? Do you have something that you do alone, and feel that it's just yours?

Here's a little thing of mine that isn't necessarily weird, but its something that stretches my creative muscles:

I randomly decided to start cross stitch over Christmas and last night I destroyed a few socks for the sake of practice. So far I can only do one kind of flower but hey, I'm learning! My goal is to send my first actually pretty thing to my Grammy who was the person who introduced me to it in the first place!

For now, though, I just have socks with random messed up flowers and knots.

(Yes I'm wearing them today, yes the look a little insane)


Anyway, I think I'm going to stick with it!

I'm seriously thinking of embroidering some K-pop shirts (like, you can choose your bias' name and I'll put it on a shirt with some flowers and ish) so stay tuned!


So, what is your 'weird thing'

Do you cover Kpop dances? Crochet? Mash up music videos? Tie-dye shirts?

Maybe you just make really cool doodles?

What is it?!

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