The 3 Countries Where Adele Isn't No.1

To tell you they're sorry for breaking your heart, Adele.

WHAT!? Adele didn't achieve world domination.3' really isn't a magic number for this pop star.

99% of the time

These countries have another preference...

South Korea

Why they don't prefer Adele?

KPOP found that Adele may be winning over their international chart however her streaming and album sales in South Korea are no comparison to the outstanding domestic sales of KPOP within the country. Here are Korean's top albums:

- "The Most Beautiful Life," Pt 2 by the Bangtan Boys

- "MATRIX" by B.A.P.

- "Dear Santa - X Mas Special" by Girls Generation TTS


Why they don't prefer Adele?

Japanese only track physical sold copies and as of now, Adele has only sold enough to make her the 7th highest album as of Dec. 7, 2015. Japanese also love KPOP but they're not as influential. It's also important to take note that digital downloads in the Japan music market outsell albums by 400% according to Fusion's research. Here are the following albums that have outsold Adele :

- "For You" by Infinite

- "Chandelier" by Black Number

- "Sight of Blue" by Motohiro Hata


Why they don't prefer Adele?

Talk about bizarre

- "Ap' To Vorra Mehri to Noto" by Vasilis Karras

- "M' Agapouses Ki Anthize" by Eleanora Zouganeli

- "Nikos Vertis" by Nikos Vertis

So really, other than MAYBE South Korea, Adele has won over everyone except for KPOP fans. There's always next time, Adele.

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