Should John Calipari Leave College Basketball To Coach In The NBA Again?

Coach Calapari has seen great success in his collegiate coaching career, but the one blemish on his nearly flawless resume is his coaching stint in the NBA.

At the moment, Coach Cal has one of the best coaching gigs in basketball, as he is the head coach at the University of Kentucky. With that being said, a pretty plush gig has opened up, as the Brooklyn Nets just fired their head coach this week.

Sources say that if John Calipari were ever going to leave Lexington, it would take certain historic conditions. He would require total control as coach and team president as well as an astronomical guaranteed cash figure, they said.

Wes Wesley, Calipari's coaching agent, has told plenty in power across the NBA that it would take an offer of no less than "$120 million guaranteed" to get Calipari's interest. His biggest selling point, (on top of his coaching skill) is the top tier NBA talent that he coached at Kentucky that would become free agents in the next couple of years. He could easily court a handful of those guys to play for him at Brooklyn.

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Should John Calipari Leave College Basketball To Coach In The NBA Again?

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