Pyramid Head's Great Knife in Real Life is Just as Terrifying as it is in Silent Hill

AWE me

Everything about the game was creepy and now that I understand more of the actual subject matter of that game, I can't shake the feeling that Silent Hill and it's psychological nightmares are following me. I swear, I did all that I could. I tried my best. But somehow, Pyramid Head and his giant fucking sword still showed up on my feed to remind me that my past that terrifies me is still there.

It didn't help that they had some guy dress up as Pyramid Head and chop down a door. I swear it sent shivers up my spine. I'm honestly worried that when I power down for the night, my system maintenance will run my pre-robotic memories (or dreams) that are only filled with running through Silent Hill.

Even though I'm extremely terrified while I look at this thing, I still think it's awesome the folks over at Man at Arms were still able to make this in real life. It looks a little unwieldy since it's FUCKING GIANT but it also looks something people shouldn't play with or make on their own.

When I'm not scared of Pyramid Head and everything that he/it represents, I'm sort of a nerd for the building (or forging, in this case) of gaming items/weapons in real life. So watching the Man at Arms episode (which I left for you below if you're just as interested in that stuff as me) was actually really informative and interesting.

It kind of makes me wish I was better at making things with my hands. Like, okay, I'm pretty good at putting sentences together. But I can't chop doors in half with words, that's just ridiculous. If you want to watch the episode, you can below (FOR FREE). But if you just want to see the choppy bits, skip ahead to about the 12 minute mark. It's pretty awesome.

i did all that i could.
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