Birthday Cake {A Kyungsoo Smut}



Smutty goodness between you and the birthday boy!!! Happy Birthday D.O!!!!!!


"And then just leave it in the oven for 40 minutes.” Kyungsoo told you as you stepped back from the oven. His birthday was coming up and you had planned to make the cake which you had no idea how to do. Like the sweetheart he was Kyungsoo had agreed to help even though it was his cake. You’d made a few mistakes here and there but nothing that your amazing boyfriend couldn’t fix; he knew everything about everything when it came to food.

Giving you his cute smile he reached out and dusted your shoulder, “You got flour on yourself, you’re wearing an apron but you still got flour on yourself, how do you even manage to do that, Y/N?”

"Stop teasing me..I already feel bad for not being able to make your cake." You cross your arms and pout.

“You’re so cute, Y/N” Kyungsoo’s plump pink lips curved upwards into the heart smile that captured your heart the first time you saw it. His eye’s twinkled as he pulled you close by your waist. Resting your head against his chest, you could hear his heartbeat; closing your eyes you thought of how lucky you were to have a boyfriend like Kyungsoo. If Kyungsoo wasn’t the epitome of perfect then you didn’t know what was.

Kyungsoo didn't know if it was because of how cute you were or something else but suddenly he felt rather turned on, he wasn’t sure why, and his heart started beating faster. Feeling his heart speed up you looked up at him with confused eyes, large eyes looked back before he carefully lowered his head to kiss you.

Soft and plump his lips pressed against you, his lips moved against yours as his hands made their way to untie your apron. Taken by surprise you softly pushed Kyungsoo back, his lips parted from yours. Looking at his face you saw how confused he looked, like a deer in the headlights.

“Why?” he simply asked.

“Kyungsoo, we can’t, we're supposed to be making your cake remember.” avoiding his eyes, too shy to look him in the eye. Another reason you didn’t want to look at him was because of the way he looked. He had came over and his hair and make up was done perfectly. He looked amazing, you were scared that if you looked at him you wouldn’t be able to control yourself.

Your heart raced as you felt him step closer and graze his lips against your cheek. “Are you sure you don’t want me to? I want my cake now...” The way he whispered made sexual desire wash over you. One of his hands played with your hair, while he gave you time to think. Running your hand up his arm you rested it just above his elbow, “Well...since it is your birthday.”

That’s all Kyungsoo needed to hear as he lifted you up by your waist, wrapping your legs around his waist, he started giving you quick passion filled pecks. Holding you by your thighs, he walked over to the closest wall, his hips pushed against yours. One of his hands was placed right under under your breast. He pressed himself against you, which caused you to whimper, he was already hard.

Putting you down he took your apron off and unzipped your dress, pulling it off. He kissed you once again, pushing you back against the wall all the while unbuckling your bra. His thumb rubbed your nipple, your moans filled the small kitchen as Kyungsoo licked the other nipple and sucked with his perfect lips. Getting wet from his actions you rubbed your thighs together. “Kyung….Kyungsoo, take your clothes off.”

Following your instructions he quickly unbuttoned his black shirt, you pushed it off his shoulder as you kissed your way down his torso, hearing him let out content sighs only egged you on. Reaching his black jeans you unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down. He pulled you back up softly. Pushing you against the wall, his hand reached into your underwear. You moaned at the slight contact, you wanted him so much. His fingers rubbed against you, making your more wet than you were before. Your heart started beating faster as Kyungsoo kissed and bit your neck.

Thinking you were wet enough for him, he pushed your underwear down as much as he could, your took one of your legs out of your underwear letting it dangle on one ankle. Seeing you bare, made him hornier. Growing hard, he pushed his boxers down.

You got on your knees & wrapped your bare hands around his member, & slowly began stroking him, making him purr like a little kitty. “Stop teasing.” Kyungsoo pleaded, you ignored his cry. “Fine.” He instantly shoved his cock into your mouth, surprising you a little. You whacked his leg, realizing he was desperate you violently sucked him like a lollipop. “Ahh feels so good.” he moaned, tangling his hand in your hair, directing your movements.

Kyungsoo reached down and hooked your left leg over his forearm. His shaky hand held his manhood as he parted your fold with his tip. Feeling his wet tip against you made you moan, you felt your heart race with anticipation. Your eyes were closed as you felt Kyungsoo part your walls, he was inside you. He felt so good. You could feel the heat from Kyungsoo’s body, his forehead was against your shoulder.

You let out a shaky breath as you felt him move. The friction between the two of was too good. He pulled out almost all the way before he slowly pushed back in, giving you pleasure. Just one thrust had you moaning, not waiting for you to gain your breath he thrusted once again, this time going in deeper. “Y/N” he groaned your name against your skin. He bit your shoulder, marking you as his, speeding up his thrusts. You couldn’t think straight, all that was in your mind was the amount of pleasure Kyungsoo was giving you. The fans thought of him as Satan Soo, he actually wasn't but his hips were. His devilish hips were snapping in and out of you as he spoke your name in a mantra.

Your eyes locked, & you looked at each other lovingly, before he violently began pounding into you, no taking it slow this time. You could see that he wanted you, needed you. At this rate you were gonna reach your high faster than you started, so you pushed him out & off of you.

He gave you a curious look but figured out what had happened. He smiled and lifted you up carrying you to your room. He laid down on the bed putting you on top of him. “Sit.” he ordered you, and with a little grin you did. You took your place on your human horse, & slowly began riding him. “Ah fuck.” he moaned at your slow pace. After you felt that you tortured him enough, you sped up.

"Faster. Faster. Faster!” Kyungsoo demanded. Riding switched to bouncing. Kyungsoo changed positions, taking his rightful place on top, & began pounding into you. Hard. You both moved in unison with each other, slapping skins, moaning loud. You could feel your climax reaching near & quickly.

He were moving at a good pace, as quickly as he pulled out he pushed back in just as quickly. Wanting to bring you over the edge his free hand found it’s way to your clit. Rubbing your clit while driving in and out of you was enough to make you moan relentlessly. You were now throbbing around him as you covered him with your wetness. “Kyungsoo” dragging out his name in your moan made him increase the speed of his hips. He was thrusting in and out of you at an insane speed while the pad of his thumb grazed against your nub.

It happened. You orgasmed, your eyes were shut tight as you saw white lights. Your mouth formed a perfect O as dug your nails into his shoulders. The intensity of your orgasm gave Kyungsoo bliss, your walls tightened around him so much he had no choice but to orgasm. His seed was hot inside of you, the both of you were on cloud nine as his thrusts turned sloppy trying to help the two of you ride out your orgasm. Kyungsoo collapsed on you unable to support himself.

The sound of both yours and Kyungsoo’s short breaths were the only thing that could be heard. "I love you...and happy birthday." You whispered giving him a kiss on his lips. D.O put on the biggest smile. "I love you too baby.."

You snuggled closer into him and he wrapped his arms around you. "Hey baby?"


"What about the cake?" D.O chuckled as you cursed him and jumped out to save the burning cake.



This gif is me right now..... Don't forget to wish D.O a Happy Birthday in the comments!!! If you're still alive that is lol.

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