An Apology, To The Ex I Hated

No, don't get this wrong;

I am not sorry I ended us

stole a final a kiss before speaking

the words that

shattered your little heart.

No, I am not sorry that

I watched as your heart broke

hiding the relief as

I felt mine beat stronger.

No, I am not sorry for remembering

all the times you called me stupid

got too drunk, and yelled, and I cried;

covering hostility with a fake smile

fake smile now a fixture on my face.

But I am sorry

That when you did try to love me

I didn't give you anything to grasp

couldn't even hold your hand in public

when you spent our whole relationship reaching.

For that,

I am sorry.

A lot of it was you,

but the most important part was me.

I'm sorry I lied about loving you.

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