David Bowie Had A Strong Appreciation For Japanese Fashion

David BowieZiggy StardustThe Thin White Duke

hence the infamous bolt of lightning

"I don't know why he was so attracted to things Japanese, but perhaps it wasn't so much Japan or Japanese-ness itself. He knew when he looked good in something. When you wear something and you look really good...you feel confident and good about yourself. I think my designs and costumes had that effect on him."

"What he did in terms of bridging the male-female gap continues to this day," he said, including in the increasing acceptance of gay relationships in Japan.

It's no secret that such an amazing man had something to offer to everyone despite their race, gender or culture. He made music that people loved and he was able to create a trend that will forever live on. Although Bowie is known for his rock-androgynous style, we can't forget the story behind his look. He loved Japan. He will be missed, but his legacy and style will forever live on.


Rest In Fabulousness Mr. Bowie!

Your legacy will forever will live on.

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