●○•Big Bang Marathon•○● ○•Taeyang•○

Today is my baby Taeyang's day!!!! YB was my first bias I had with Wedding Dress until T.O.P came along. But still Taeyang is one of my favorite.

Just look at the way he is staring!!! Those eyes and the smile took my heart!!! Then the voice he has is so so so beautiful and the body is a plus!!!


Like I said before this song is the one that he became my bias!

Just look at those moves!!!

Love the way he always takes pictures of Ri!!!

And that BODY!!!!!

Taeyang all natural! No make up, hair is a mess and he didn't shave YB is still looking good like this for me!!!

Imagine him being outside of your house waiting for you like this.... I would go crazy!!!!!

Okay Taeyang how about you show us your sexy side!!!


Tae: Noo.... Well maybe just a little....


Tae: That's it!

Us: Nooooo more!!!!

Tae: Okayyy


Us: ............. *drooling*......more more more


Tae: This I cant show.....sorry ladies......


Tae:.......Maybe next time..... Love you all my VIPs

Ya'll have a wonderful Taeyang Night!!!

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In love with Big Bang and Monsta X!!!!
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