The Item In Your Closet That Will Save You In The Morning

We've all had those mornings where we forgot to pick out our clothes the night before and now we are left staring into our closet. What should take five seconds turns into five minutes and before you know it, fifteen minutes have already passed and you have absolutely nothing to wear. Well, for a lack of better terms -- there's nothing that you choose to wear. Your eyes peruse that jumpsuit you purchased last month and those pair of boyfriend jeans you haven't worn since you picked them up from the cleaners, but nothing seems to be calling your name.

You're looking for something simple that you can easily dress up. Then it hits you -- your duster coat. Okay, relax -- we all know it's winter outdoors. I didn't expect you to wear it by itself, I mean unless that's your kind of thing. For you ladies who don't happen to own a duster coat, please do yourself a favor and purchase one. It will make your mornings so carefree and your evenings super sexy. You've seen Kim K and so many other celebs rock a duster coat and make an outfit look so amazing and effortless. the duster coat is the one staple item that will keep you warm, keep you fly and keep you on time for work in a short amount of time pulling any outfit together. Keep scrolling to see the duster coat done right.

Are you a fan of the duster coat?

Save yourself some time in the morning and invest.

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